Color and Design Theory I - Project #1 - WIP

Color and Design Theory I – Project #1 – WIP


I started taking Color and Design Theory I at Ivy Tech Community College a couple of weeks back. Nothing really great has come out of it yet that I want to put up on display, except the start of my first major project for said class. Personally, I am not a huge fan of collage, but I must admit I am having fun with this one and I think it’s turning out well.

I am learning a ton in the class as far as elements and principles of design and how to apply them. I must admit that our first assignment of doing collage “environments” felt lame while I was doing them, but much like Mr. Miagi and the “wax on/wax off” test for Daniel-san in “Karate Kid”, it all became clear once Hector (Del Campo) showed us what we were doing in the collages design-wise without really even realizing it.

The above is just the background for the overall piece. All the diagonal lines pointing down and to the center will eventually point toward a machine that takes in people and spits out happy people with their “things” that make them happy. Perhaps a bit cliche, but I like it in either case.