Color and Design Theory I – Final Project – Complete


Well, this is the final project for the Color and Design Theory I class. I think it turned out rather well. I had taken several pictures of myself and kept coming back to the “fear” picture because it looked so funny. I used the grid method to get the likeness and then had to fill up the rest of the board with whatever I might be afraid of. I figured I’d likely be afraid of tentacles, should they appear.

I had a great time in the class and I felt like I learned a lot. I’ll miss the fun I had there.

Color and Design Theory I – Project #3 – Complete



This project was pretty difficult for some reason; probably because I was overthinking it. The instructions were that we had o use crystallographic balance, asymmetrical balance and symmetrical balance all at the same time. There was a requirement to include a three-dimensional element as well. We also had to mix at least three colors, which was probably the thing I had the least problems with.

I started out trying to use watercolors on the illustration board. Turns out illustration board is not very absorbent and every time I tried to layer another color on top of dried color, the two would mix and turn into mud. I then moved to attempt chalk pastels. Well, that failed because of the mess they create, the sound they make on the surface and the feel of them in my fingers. At that point I gesso’d over the whole board and started over with the ol’ trusy acrylic paints. After many hours, the above is the result. The orange and green colors were not laid down in enough layers o cover the messy paint strokes, but Hector (the professor) and the other students seemed to like them that way. The three-dimensional element is the stencil I used for the shapes covered in super heavy gel mixed with red paint, which was then washed over with a purple color and wiped down.

Hope you enjoy!

Color and Design Theory I – Project #2 – Complete …sort of


Well, here’s the finished product for project #2 for the Color and Design Theory class. I say “sort of” complete because, based on critiques, it needs some work in the background especially in the empty space in the middle and along the right side. Perhaps when I find the time, I’ll fix that.

This project is based on Tool’s “Third Eye” and Voivod’s “Golem”. The idea being that the robot is having his third eye opened by the blue man from Tool’s “Third Eye” (Dreaming of that face again; It’s bright and blue and shimmering; Comforting me with his three warm and wild eyes), but the blue man is coming from the robot himself. The eye he is projecting from his head reflects the design of his own eye as well as the blue man’s eyes. I tried to stick with a 1950s/1960s style throughout the image with the background referencing old cartoons that usually had a one color background with lines depicting a scenery.

In case it is not obvious, the robot is a printed image that’s been lined with a Sharpie and the blue man is a modified version of a “clip-art” style image.