Watercolor Painting – Underwater Scene

I’ve been working on watercolors a lot lately. I like their loose feel and the vibrancy you can get from them. This piece started out with just a few washes that I played around with and let run. I figured it looked like an underwater scene, so I added a couple of schools of fish and a submarine. I then inked around sections and semi-stippled in some textures with my G-Pen. I really like the illustrative quality that came out of this one. Hope you enjoy!



Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolors on 9″ x 12″ 140lb watercolor paper. Inked with a dip G-Pen and Speedball Super Black ink.

Beware the Gelatinous Cube!

My favoritest D&D monster from way back: Gelatinous Cube!

For those who don’t know, the gelatinous cube is a transparent denizen of the dungeons who changes the size and shape of his body to fit the size of the hallways he travels looking for unwary adventurers to consume and dissolve. All you see when he is coming toward you is floating detritus from his previous victims.


Brushed ink and Derwent Inktense blocks on 140lb watercolor paper.

Happy Friday the 13th!!

Happy Friday the 13th!!

I started this last month while at the Indianapolis Comic Con. Lucky for me, there was another Friday the 13th a month later, giving me time to finish it!

Brushed ink and Derwent Inktence watercolor pencils on Strathmore 6″ x 8″ Mixed Media paper.

$25 if your interested in purchasing the original.